About Us

Welcome to Summ-R-Ise!  We hope you find all the help you need here for your text summarization needs.

Our Story

I started Summ-R-Ise as I was transitioning from the military.  One of the first jobs I had was reviewing, editing and publishing reports for daily briefings.  I realized that overviews were largely the most important content of the plethora of data (15-20 pages on a good day) and that large amounts of data in those pages did not cover the gist of what readers wanted to see.

My commute got overwhelming so I took another job closer to home managing technology transfers and soon found myself completing creative writing assignments – which I love to do.  I would take the content from potential clients and transform them into dynamic and digestable information for the target audience.

I realize that summarizing information became my niche and since I enjoyed it so much I decided to start a company.  As I was doing my research I came across technologies that would help me to automatically summarize information and decided to implement that into my business.

he rest is HISTORY!


Why We Want to Help People.

The possibilities are endless when considering the wealth of information that exists in our world today. Technology has afforded us the opportunity to think outside the box, but sometimes that can get overwhelming. Whether you are a college student writing a paper, or a law firm creating bullet points for your manager, or whether you are an in a technical field that requires daily briefings. Summ-R-Ise can help you get the information you need in less time than trying to read though documents and pick out the relevant information.


Our Goal at Summ-Rise.

Our goal is to take your complex and time consuming projects and simplify them at a fraction of the cost!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me via email support@summ-r-ise.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.  You may also visit https://summ-r-ise.business.site/

All the best,

R. Walton

Founder, CEO